Worried about purchasing the Sony RX100 II

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Re: Is cost a concern for your wife?

SJP1978 wrote:

Great posts guys, thank you for the response. I'm pretty confident that reading up on all the replys that the rx 10p ii can beat on auto my wifes old knackered canon ixus 990!!!

As regards to how we view our images we always print and are very keen on those photo album books which my wife spends and age on setting up online.

I was looking at an old photo album whilst we were in Canada a couple of years ago and at the time we had some very large images and double page panoramic images printed. These were taken with my old hx9v and at the time looked really good but now in my opinion look grainy and patchy.

Has/does anyone still print their photos and more importantly will the rx100 ii product high quality printable images?

The RX100 will produce excellent photos from which you can print 8x10 enlargements easily.

If you're taking it on holiday make sure you (and your wife!) gets used to handling the thing before you use it in anger. My issues with the RX100 are nothing to do with image quality or functionality (both of which are excellent) but simply that it IS a very small camera and might be difficult to operate if you're used to handling something larger. Plus - the flash can pop up unexpectadly at times, and its located where you might be used to putting the fingers of your left hand so could be disconcerting. Once you are familiar with it the results will be some stunning and (hopefully) memorable images. Get yourself a nice case to carry it in, and be sure to use a strap of some sort (wrist or neck) for security - it's easy to drop and won't survive a fall.


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