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Runnicle wrote:

Tom, just as you predicted...I wish now that I had ordered two of the LC-2, one for p10 and the second for s10. I now realize that these lens covers are different from the typical lens covers of my previous experience in that they're intended for permanent installation on a single lensor unit. Until I actually received one, though, I thought that I could just transfer the lens cap casually between p10 and s10 as the need arose; I now see that this was an uninformed, faulty assumption. No big deal, I'll just have to order another one.

I've also been experimenting assigning whole screen magnification to one fn button, and focus assist mode to the second fn button. I wish that there was a way to assign Mode1/Mode2 as a user-defined function button, but it appears not to be possible; is this consistent with your own understanding of the situation?



Yes it is a bit frustrating to have to delve into the menu to get the Focus Peaking Modes changed.

But the GXR is so versatile that a way can be found. Set one of your My Modes to exactly how you wish and using (say) Mode 1. Then save this setting to another mode and edit it to using Mode 2 focus peaking. Then you can just change modes and one can have FP #1 and the other FP #2. Just a flip of the dial on top.

The mode settings are completely customisable to user choice.

Try this link for an xls spreadsheet of the possible mode settings on the GXR:


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