Ken Rockwell: "I just got my Sony A7, and I'm impressed."

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Re: Ken Rockwell: "I just got my Sony A7, and I'm impressed."

Zenjitsuman wrote:

Sure Rockwell is right A7 is no system camera, its got little Sony support, and no third party except Zeiss support so far.

Even he says Ultra wide Leicas don't work well. He list 35mm as his widest Leica lens and a 50 as his other lens.

This is my problem, I was hoping for better results with rangefinder lenses, maybe Sony will come up with a model like the 5n which was reaction to the Nex 7 not working well with rangefinder glass.

Sony will likely come out with something next fall. Until then I have several systems to use and my Leica stuff can be used on my M4p and new Voigtlander meter II.

Oh how I wish the M stuff could all be use digitally. I can't believe Rockwell thought like I did that in ten years time a m mount digital would be made FF at a reasonable price.

Maybe if Leica went out of business.

We all need to accept that the NEX and A7 work very well with rangefinder lenses, just not ultra wide angle (wider than 35mm).

The only three digital cameras that have done well with ultrawide rangefinder lenses are:

Full Frame: Leica M (240) and Leica M9 with in-camera corrections. There have been some issues raised with the Leica M.

The Sony A7 has been reported to have better results with ultrawide lenses than the A7R due to larger pixels.

Near APS-C: Leica M8 series

APS-C: Ricoh GXR with A12 Mount module (Leica M mount).

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