Will my NEX go the same way as my R1?

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Re: Stop reading the doom and gloom posts?

aSevenArr wrote:

Guaranteeing that your purchase would never become obsolete would be the same thing as committing a kind of corporate suicide.

Never is a long time. No one is saying that products should be guaranteed forever. But Sony has been trying many different approaches over the last 7 years, and each new one takes resources away from the others. When people have invested thousands of dollars in a system, they are naturally concerned...

It is precisely because Sony continues to innovate in these ways that we get these excellent and exciting new game changing products like the A7 and the A7r.

Yes, but it is also possible to say that Sony has no plan. If you keep innovating to the point where you alienate your loyal customers you may not be in business very long...

What if you invested $5,000 in FF E-mount and Sony decided to do something else. Would you be so quick to applaud Sony's innovation then?

If you want a warm fuzzy "business as usual" approach then go with Nikon instead and spend $$$$$ for minor and conservative upgrades.

I'm not saying that Sony shouldn't innovate, but too much change in too short a time may be excessive (and may worry users). Nikon may be on the other side of the 'optimum' innovation vs. conservative balance (if there is an optimum). But Nikon users are not worried that F-mount is going away...

If the camera business is going to survive they must innovate with the times and provide exciting and compelling new products.

I think Sony could have made A-mount a greater success if they had been willing to invest enough in it. But it appears they thought that a new camera body was enough to make Canikon users abandon their systems. Sony needed to make the A-mount system better than the Canon and Nikon systems to have a hope of gaining market share. That they didn't realize that is a concern. We'll see if they have learned their lesson with FF E-mount--although here they have no other system to compete with (for now), so perhaps they can afford to do as they please...

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