Don't believe the larger pixel myth.

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Re: Don't believe the larger pixel myth.

We have all seen low pixel count cameras that look sharper. But I doubt you know why.

Put two buckets outside in the rain and under the awning. One bucket fills whilst the other is empty.

Now spread out jam jars, some will be full some empty and some neither one nor the other. Now tell me the jam jars aren't catching the rain drops properly, I will tell you, you are talking out your ass. But what if the bucket that was under the awning is half in half out? now you think the rain is getting under the awning? No! Well the same thing happens when you put jam jars out in rain that is barely spotting with rain, like your shirt it gets spots, well the jam jars will all vary in level slightly, but the bucket? Who knows? If you put more smaller pixels on the camera , you need to average out the pixels to get rid of the spots, but then you lose resolution. So what! With the lower res sensor you have the same resolution, but your edges will look rough as hell!

Are you drunk?

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