Will my NEX go the same way as my R1?

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Re: Stop reading the doom and gloom posts?

sroute wrote:

Therefore, please cite specific instances where Sony has given NEX owners reason to not trust them. Extend that look to any Sony still camera system if you must.

I did not mean that Sony has done anything specific to make NEX users distrust Sony. What I meant is that Sony users don't trust Sony in general. My reasons are:

A-mount users didn't trust Sony when they took over Minolta because Sony was not a "camera company". Users were concerned that Sony did not understand the camera business, and more specifically that Sony did not understand what it would take to make A-mount competitive with Canon and Nikon. To some extent this is true (IMO), and this basic mistrust has persisted.

Sony promised to develop A-mount into a system that would be competitive with (or better than) Canon and Nikon when they said their goal was at least equal market share. However, when A-mount was not doing as well as Sony hoped they put their resources into another system (NEX) instead of A-mount. While A-mount has not been dropped (as feared by Minolta users when Sony took over), NEX has taken resources away from A-mount. Now APS-C E-mount users are facing the same situation. Although APS-C E-mount has been successful, it appears that FF E-mount may be even more popular--thus APS-C E-mount users are concerned that FF E-mount will get all the resources and APS-C E-mount will be ignored. This is likely in the near term at least, since FF E-mount is desperately in need of lenses.

It's also difficult to trust Sony because no one knows what they will do next. Sony has been flailing around since they took over Minolta, trying to find some way to get market share. A-mount, FF A-mount, SLT A-mount, NEX, FF E-mount--these are all the things Sony has tried in the last 7 years (and now it appears that Sony is dropping SLT A-mount, if the rumor sites are correct). I'll grant that some impressive innovation has occurred along the way, but people are concerned that there is no plan...

Don't get me wrong--I'm not saying that people should mistrust Sony. Only that Sony didn't start out with a lot of trust and their 'strategy' has not built much trust since then. IMO Sony should have made the commitment to make A-mount into a world-class system at the start. Instead, they were too focused on camera bodies--and not focused enough on the system as a whole: lenses, flash, quality control (including a longer warranty), and support (including more firmware updates). A camera system is only as strong as its weakest component--a great camera body isn't enough, especially when Canon and Nikon will put out a similar model within the year. We're not talking about a Walkman here, we're talking about a system in which people invest thousands of dollars over many years (perhaps even their whole lifetime). I just don't know if Sony understands this business model--which was the basic concern when Sony took over Minolta...

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