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Re: A rehash of debunked myths and misunderstandings.

Its nice to believe .. life is better with Tinkerbell and Santa... and adding complexity to sensors with no noise cost.. But Tinkerbell is a lady on a wire.. Santa has parents to do the heavy lifting and smaller added pixels to a sensor of the same area and generation has a cost.... noise.

Then smart people swat the noise..each new design so we get more MP and still get images we like mostly.

You can see some of this cost in the 60D to 70D The sensors or almost the same image resolution. And the 70D is one generation better.. But it takes a hit on noise at higher ISO very quickly and with a big jump because IMHO the gain is picking up the noise from the increased complexity of the 40MP sensor sites. So it almost hits "unacceptable a full ISO stop sooner for a "20MP" sensor At lower ISO the dual pixel might even be helping it filter out noise . See Below... The 40 MP of actual sensors adds complexity and noise... and that is noise cost that is outside the theoretical "surface area all has the same noise argument". Which has to ignore the complexity noise cost. of added transistors circuit paths..

However I do agree if you scale your 24 MP images.. to 8x10.. Tinkerbell has no wires and you might even miss Dad standing behind Santa.. just don't enlarge or crop those images because reality will hit you at some point.

60D note where the noise is at ISO 800

70D note where the noise is at ISO 800.. 18MP complexity  to 40 MP complexity jump even on a new generation sensor

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