Trying to Decide Between D610 and D800

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Re: It's the photographer more than the camera...

LeeTee wrote:

I had not heard about the long exposure issue with the D800. While I don't do many, I will look into this. Thanks!

The problem can be largely eliminated by the use of Long Exposure Noise Reduction but I really don't find the use of LENR convenient and the 24mp sensor in the D610 is wonderfully free of noise other than the random hot pixel...I've shot up to 8 minutes without using LENR.

Here's a bit from the comments of Scott Reithner's blog, including a response from Nikon:

Steve, one of our reader/commenters finally had a response from Nikon that I thought should be posted here in the main post so no one will miss it. Unfortunately, it is not good news and is what I had been suspecting to hear from Nikon. Here is an official word from Nikon:

  • Dear Steve,
  • Thank you for your update.
  • I have analyzed the sample image provided and consulted it with other Pro Support agents. It seems that the effect you are seeing is natural for D800 sensor and long exposure times – unfortunately there is no other way of removing the white spots than keeping the Long Exposure Noise Reduction active. I agree that it may not be convenient due to doubled exposure time, however currently there is no other solution to this problem due to limitations of the sensor technology.
  • We apologize for the inconvenience,
  • Please do not hesitate to contact us again in case of any questions.
  • Kind regards,
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