Converting a GX1 to infrared - have decided to get it done

Started Feb 12, 2013 | Discussions thread
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I have a converted GX1

This is my fourth IR conversion.  I've previously had a Canon 10D, 20D and 5D converted. The 5D was by far the best IR camera I've used.  Simply awesome and super sharp.

The GX1 has a bit more resolution than the 5D but images are a little less 3D.  That sensor size seems to matter.

That said, the GX1 is a fine IR camera.  Mine is convereted to a 715nm cut-off.   The only problem I have is with some lenses:

The 7-14 will not always AF at 7mm at infinity.   I'd say about a third of the time I will have to recompose or zoom in to get AF to work.   Others have reported this problem on different bodies, so it's not just me or my lens.

The other problem is the 12-35 has a slight hot spot under the right lighting/angle.  I don't have this problem with the 7-14, 14-45 or the few primes I've tried.

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