Uncompromised Landscape Lens for A7R?

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Re: Uncompromised Landscape Lens for A7R?

PVCdroid wrote:

Lisa O wrote:

It's not that good, I can see the flaring on the left of that image. Like I said I have shot many wide angle lenses (usually higher end one's like Canon 16-35, Nikon 14-24 and Fuji 14) and that Sony 16 was a flare magnet and I can see it on your image.

Did you mean composition as opposed to composure?

Composition it is. Flare I don't see and the sun was coming in from the right @ 90 degrees, nowhere in the frame. There is a cloud in the middle on the left edge of the frame. There are a lot of good pics on this forum from the 16mm/UWA combo. Sorry you didn't like this.

Here is a bad wide angle flare example, with some unfortunate dust spots as well.


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