Will my NEX go the same way as my R1?

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Re: RX10...

... is the R1 replacement. Sony likely didn't replace R1 with another (almost) APSc prosumer body likely because it now had Sony Alpha (2006) DSLRs. And until now when smaller sensor (1" and m43) have become quite popular.

As far as NEX goes, its primarily about renaming that line to represent the Alpha brand that they were always supposed to. Instead the name became synonymous with Alpha (instead of Alpha NEX) and even E-mount. I have seen many assume that NEX isn't even APSc (its really bad when the person is actually a professional). That, and a dramatic upgrade to UI that has been a NEX sore spot except may be on NEX-6. The new interface will be as seen in A7/7r and RX10, and familiar to A-mount users.

I wish Sony will bring the new menu structure to my NEX-6 and to the other Nex-7 and the others as an optional firmware update.

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