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Re: NIKON D(A7/r)

Glad I found this thread as I was going to start one with a similar discussion.

I use my D3 and Nikon lenses for when I need them but otherwise have always been carrying my wife's Nex-5n (with Sigma 19/30, adapter and some micro AIS, AFD lenses).. Always preferred carrying the nex over my D300 which I just recently sold.. I liked the size of the nex and really liked the tilting screen.. never cared much for an EVF.. i guess i adapted to and enjoyed the 5N for what it is..

Wife insisted she wants her nex 100%, and so here I am..

I'd be very happy with a mirrorless camera and ONE native AF lens (28-35mm) plus the ability to use my nikon lenses via adapter for when I'm feeling creative.. it has to be an APS-C one at least..

I originally thought it will be a no brainer to go with the A7 since I liked the NEX line already and was used to the Sony colors.. However, I'm not feeling too convinced after having tried one.. the two reasons being: (1) the zeiss 35mm f2.8 is not so convincing at its price point, (2) there is some slowness about the A7, not sure if it is the shutter sound that is just giving me this impression, but something about it feels SLOW.. focusing seemed reasonably fast, this slowness is felt after it locked focus... i'm otherwise fine with it despite it being a little bigger than what i'm used to with the nex-5n..

i'm thinking I will try a nex-6 body in the short term and see how things develop with this new A7 line and particularly its lenses..

I held a NIkon DF but we never clicked really, it was too big for what I'd buy it for.. the one at the store was even a lemon :).. also for nostalgia, i just use my FE2 ..



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