Will my NEX go the same way as my R1?

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Re: UnderDriven, the 5R with the EVF, in my opinion, is as close as Sony has come to

Karsten Meyer wrote:

I would never again buy a camera with a display like the Panasonic G models have. Why? You need much too much time to open it for usage. So I find my NEX-5R almost the best solution: I can open it with a snip of my finger. So I have taken some pictures while a Panasnic user is still fiddling with his display.

For what I shoot I have plenty of time--everyone has different needs...

I guess the Panasonic type of display is only working for people who use mostly the finder.

Most of my work is on a tripod, using the LCD. I sometimes need to stand to the side of the tripod, so I like an LCD that has lots of movement...

And about an R1 successor: I can't imagine a design which has a big(!) display on top of the camera. Yes, there had been such designs - I think of the cameras with the joint where the part with the lens is swivelling. But can someone imagine such a beast with a changeable lens?

It's not that it was on top, but that it was fully articulated. I agree that it is highly unlikely we will ever see an LCD on top of the camera again...

Btw: The biggest advantage of the R1 in comparison with my NEX for me is the ability to use it totally silent. So for me the R10 might be a decent successor of the R1.

That is important for some people, but in my case the sound doesn't matter. The RX10 may be a good camera for some people, although the sensor is very small. But if you want an all-in-one camera the RX10 may be the solution...

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