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As a amazon top reviewer ...

... you should have known better. In fact, if you were writing a review on Amazon this way you would probably get the same response. So much generalizations, so much statements based on 'vague references' about gear quality. It certainly looked more like a needless rant than sharing objective experiences.

I can give you some of the latter. I use both FF DSLR and M43. Both have their strength and weaknesses. No, M43 has not yet matured, but it has reached a level of usefulness and quality which makes it possible to use it on many occasion with good results. Because of the small size and low weight it's a system that's inviting to bring along. Much more than my FF gear.

But I won't ditch my FF gear for sure. This is where you went wrong. You should have kept your Nikon gear. But hey, who's to blame here? Not the M43 gear.

I use my FF DSLR when I know in advance that I need the best image quality in low light situations. At ISO 6400 or over FF is still usable even for large prints and it beats any M43. So I try to use both systems in the situation best suited and I am very happy with it.

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