Is A7R better for legacy manual focus lenses than A7?

Started Dec 11, 2013 | Questions thread
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Re: Is A7R better for legacy manual focus lenses than A7?

UnderDriven wrote:

ZoranC wrote:

With me it's other way around, I own Contax G 90 and now that I have seen it's performance on A7 and A7R (it is literally bitingly sharp on A7R corner to corner even wide open) I am interested in acquiring more of Contax G glass.

It's good to know that the 90mm performs well. My other concern is the quality of focusing using an adapter. I know how my Minolta MD lenses work (very smooth), but the G lenses were intended for AF. I suppose I question whether the G lenses + adapter are anywhere close to a real MF lens. Also, how much focus throw exists?

I am using Metabones and find it smooth (when mounted in right way) and precise (steps are to my liking, fine, that's why I went with Metabones adapter, so I get benefit from large ring).

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