Trying to Decide Between D610 and D800

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Dave Sanders Senior Member • Posts: 2,596
It's the photographer more than the camera...
2 buy the one you really want. It feels good to get what you want. The truth is, of course, if you take mediocre photos at 12mp they will still be mediocre photos at 24 or 36mp, end of story. Light, compositional ability, technique and skill in post processing will all make far larger differences than the choice between the D610 and D800.

The D800 is a better camera for most uses, that's why it costs more. Is that difference meaningful? In terms of the final image, most likely not. In terms of your joy of using the camera? Very possible. The camera that feels the best, makes you want to shoot the most, is the best one. If money is a even a remote consideration, buy the D610. If you shoot long exposures a lot, really consider the D610...the D800 has an unfixable sensor flaw (white spots) when you get up past a minute or so and the sensor in the D610 is a long exposure machine.

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