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Re: The only problem is that...

Slideshow Bob wrote:

…it actually doesn't appear to work like that. Take Nikon's current FX lineup as an example, and you'll find that when listed in order of noise levels (best to worst) at the image level (so per area rather than per pixel), you'd get this...





…which is actually proving that for a given sensor size, smaller pixels are actually more noisy. You can't resize a D800 image to DF size and achieve the same (or less) noise without applying NR. NR is a post processing step, whether it's done in camera or on a PC.

No, you're comparing different sensor technologies (Sony and Nikon/Renesas). DXO measurements show that at a given exposure and display size (no NR), midtones and highlights (shot noise) score about equal and a benefit in shadows due to read noise. Which has everything to do with sensor technology.

The D800E and D600 score about the same in shadows, midtones and highlights. Same sensor maker, released around the same time, 50% larger pixels in the latter.

Listing Canon FF cameras in the same fashion produces this...




… with the highest resolution sensor again producing the most noise, and the lowest resolution one producing the least.

The resolution differences between those 3 cameras are trivial when you realize that there's cameras with pixel differences larger than a factor 9, scoring similar in quantum effieciency. Any conclusion based on that example, can be and likely is influenced by 1 or more of the following factors:

  • margin of measuring error (1/3 stop for DXOmark figures)
  • surrounding electronics used (price difference)
  • sensor technology used (release date)

And midtones and highlight measurements score within a third of a stop, only the shadows really differ.

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