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Re: Hard to bust the large vs small pixel myth

K E Hoffman wrote:

Nordstjernen wrote:

tbcass wrote:

" Resolution doesn’t increase noise

Increasing resolution (MPixels) for a given sensor size has no direct impact on image noise. In fact, some of the lowest noise cameras (Nikon D800, Nikon D3x, Pentax K-5, Nikon D7000, Sony Alpha 580) have relatively high resolutions. See Figure 1a."

I think the myth that large pixels gives a cleaner image for sensors of a given size will live on for years. My question is: Why trade resolution for nothing?

There will still be a lot of posters crying for lower res sensors, thinking that insane high ISO settings that is never used for real life photography would look cleaner!

Physics is still physics.. less light to vs base system noise on smaller pixel more noise is seen.

Sensor size is the important determinator (plus sensor technology of course) at a given f stop and shutterspeed.

We are getting to the place where the pixel count is not adding to the image because most of the lenses can't handle it.

Almost every lens can benefit, some more than others. My $60 kitlens resolves more with the A77 24MP sensor than with the 12 MP sensor found in my A500. In FF terms that's like going from about 28 to 56 MP. We haven't come close yet.

Even the charts all bear it out in the article. The APC sensors are noisier than the FF and you will find that the FF tend to have larger pixels if it didn't matter the measure would be the same for a 25 MP A99 and A77.. its not.

See above, sensor size. If pixel size was that important, the 36MP FF sensor wouldn't keep up with the 24MP sensor from the same manufacturer, released around the same time.

If pixel size was important, the RX10/RX100II/RX100 sensors wouldn't be as efficient per unit area as the best FF sensors out there, with pixels up to 9 times smaller. In the end, as also shown by DXO measurements, there is no real correlation between pixel size and shot noise per unit sensor area in practise. An extreme case from the sensor makers themselves:

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