Trying to Decide Between D610 and D800

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Re: Trying to Decide Between D610 and D800

Bird photography, if your pictures are perfectly sharp, you might get better cropping on the D800, but be aware the linear resolution is only about 25% better than the D600/610. On the other hand getting completely sharp pictures at the extremes of a long lens of small objects is a challenge, so the difference may be marginal.

AF points? If you are shooting moving objects you are probably going to stick to centre points tracking anyway - the edges are not much use. Non moving objects, you can always focus and recompose a bit if you need to, it isn't that difficult.

Focus speed - not sure that this is a problem with the D600, I have shot small fast moving dogs running at the camera, and got the head in focus. The quality of the lens is probably more important than the difference between the D600 and the D800.

If you have unlimited money, get the more expensive body, but if you have a budget, spend that extra money on better glass and you will probably see more benefit.

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