MY Overall M43 Impression

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Re: MY Overall M43 Impression

NorCalAl wrote:

...For my opinions, I am personally attacked, called a troll (really?) and even, by one (more than likely a fat moron dwelling in mommy and daddies basement) responder, told that my tagline is stupid (again, really?).

Allow me to paraphrase:

"I wish you a$$holes would quit calling me names!!"

...Some did recognize that what I was relaying were my opinions and for that, they were also attacked. When I went from Canon to Nikon, I felt the wrath of the fanboys, but nothing like this here. I'm not offended so much as disappointed that expressing an opinion is taken like a personal assault. While I understand we all have something invested in the things we like and the hobbies (or work, for those who make their living with photography), I am dismayed that so many of you take it so personally.

No, you suggested that an entire camera system is deficient based SOLELY on a price drop after you made your purchase.

Check out the forum. Anyone who posts ideas not supportive of the format garner huge numbers of responses. 112 to my post here. Folks who post photos or questions or comments get little or no response. On the first page of the forum, the two posts with the highest number of responses were this and the one suggesting the format needs more speed.

There are lots of critical and analytical postings here. Where the successful ones differ from yours is they offer facts in pursuit of a conclusion.

What does that say about the readers and participants of this forum? DPR has a reputation for being a place of not discussion so much as attacks, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised. But, damn.

By attacks, do you mean your initial post?  All these defensive replies ought to tell you something.

By the way, the basement comment above was meant in jest and to be illustrative of how I felt about some of the commentary.

Oh, that was intended to be funny?  I ask because it sounds to me more like a glimpse of your character.

The Mad Prophet - philosopher, cyclist, and photographer

Hmmm. Not seeing it.

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