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Re: E-M1 shutter shock...nope...

XMN wrote:

LB1940 wrote:

No surprise there! If the camera is solidly fastened to a heavy tripod, the mass of the set is substantially increased and eventual shutter shock is minimized. To test, the camera should be handheld or suspended in a soft mount.


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Very true, to me it was so simple as this: went to my window and took several photos hand held of distant landscape with trees and foliage. Every photo under 1/320 had reduced sharpness to a degree, not the double image blur but the loss of fine detail. It´s only when one compares this images with the ones from 1/320 up that the problem becames obvious.

This was with the HLD-7. If i take off the HLD-7, then, many of those unsharp images become reallly blured (but still without double image).

Other thing i see is that the problem occurs less with pictures taken in portrait orientation.

I bought my 12-40 kit online at olympus shop (europe) and the guy there asked me to send the images to him so he can report the problem. I´m wainting for news now...

I have seen excactly the same issues. I also made the test with a manual focus lens and a novoflex adapter and i saw the same problem. I am convinced its shutter shock and i believe its an EM1 problem in general. I wonder is other m43 bodies have the same problem.

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