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Re: E-M1 shutter shock...nope...YES at my EM1

I have made my own tests ans shutter shock exists at my EM-1. At 320 its crystal clear. Worst is at 1/100, 1/125 and 1/160. I cannot right now comment on speeds a little lower than 1/100.

If the OP used the target shown on his post, i have a feeling that this target is not proper to show the shutter shock effect. Its much better to use smthg like a landscape with focus close to infinity. The reason is that the scene to be photographed must have detail that out-resolves the sensor.

Even if you see the shutter shock effect on a subject like a printed A4 with big/thick letters, you cannot judge its extent (acutally you can say its so little that it doesnt exists) because the shutter shock effect (image movement on the sensor) is small proportionally to the detail/size of the target dimensions.

On the other hand, if you photograph a landscape with trees, with good exposure, where the detail of the scene is pixel by pixel defined for an area,  then the same shutter shock would be MUCH more obvious than in the case with the A4 paper ans some not fine detailed stuff printed on it.

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