Is A7R better for legacy manual focus lenses than A7?

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Re: Is A7R better for legacy manual focus lenses than A7?

ZoranC wrote:

My brief hands on experience with legacy lenses on both A7 and A7R indicates that actually opposite is true, that same legacy lens gives more when mated to A7R than to A7. Is it always proportionally more? No, they don't always scale linearly but so far I have not seen a case when it didn't deliver more.

Yes, if the format is the same there is no downside to more pixels (as far as image quality is concerned, with a Sony Exmor sensor). As you say, you may not see a linear increase in resolution but you should do better with a higher resolution Exmor sensor...

However, it is possible that a 24MP APS-C sensor could outperform a 24MP FF sensor, if the center resolution of the lens is great and the edge resolution is very poor (which is sometimes the case when a fast lens is shot wide open). On the other hand, it is more likely that a FF 24MP sensor will have greater resolution than an APS-C 24MP sensor on average (for a stopped down lens)...

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