Camera Bag or Belt solution? EPL5

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Re: Camera Bag or Belt solution? EPL5

I purchased a ThinkTank Speed Changer 2.0  for my E-M5 and couldn't be happier.  Compact size, doesn't stick out much, yet has plenty of room. I used it for a multi-day workshop in the mountains and easily carried my 17mm, 40-150mm, 14-42, and my E-M5 with one of the lenses mounted. That was just in the main pocket. In the front pocket, I have my wireless remote, OEM flash, a polarizer, a couple of lens hoods, the SEMA-1 microphone and some sd cards. On the outside front pockets, i have some lens cleaners and a pocket tripod. If I know I'll have the camera out on the strap or tripod most of the time, I can also put an old Zuiko 50mm f1.4 with an adapter in the bag, and still easily access everything.

The bag and belt are sold separately.  I chose the thin belt , about 1-1/2" and for the relatively light weight of the bag when full, found it very comfortable for as long as I wanted to wear it.  One really nice thing is that it is designed for the bag to easily move along the belt to the front.  I typically carried it in the rear, and anytime I wanted to change lenses or get anything out of the bag, I just grabbed the side and effortlessly slid it around to the from for access, where I could leave it or push it back.  Loved it, wouldn't want anything else.  On the bottom rear is a small pocket that contains a permanently-attached rain cover.

Total price for the bag and the belt was under $100.

I had a larger LowePro belt pack that Ive used in the past, built more in a traditional fanny-pack form with the bag permanently fixed on the belt, but found that it was too bulky.  It was more difficult to access the bag contents because of the fixed belt/bag configuration -- it didn't slide easily around to be able to reach my gear.

I'm not sure how "trendy" you would find the Think Tank bag, but I'd highly recommend it...

Good luck in your search, it took me a good while to find the perfect size/function/price for my needs.

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