GXR Lenses, lensors & Misc.

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Re: GXR Lenses, lensors & Misc.

Runnicle wrote:

Jim, it will be interesting to hear back from you as to the outcome of getting from DKL to GXR through Nikon rather than through M42. Can we also inquire whether you have other Nikon lenses that you also adapt to GXR via the same adapter that is one of the two you'll also employ to adapt your proposed new/old DKL mount lens?

Runnicle:  I have a "bunch" of old Nikon (35mm film) lenses that I can (and sometimes do) use with my GXR (as well as with my Sony NEX 5n).  I am particularly partial to the Nikon 50mm 1.8, which I'll be interested in comparing with the DKL 50mm.  With the exception of a Nikon 28mm, all my other Nikon lenses are telephoto zoom.  But then I also have Voigtlander M-mount 25mm and 15mm lenses.  And a 1950's Leitz collapsible 90mm Elmar.  What fun!

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