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Re: Stuck with iOS7, sigh

larsbc wrote:

larsbc wrote:

Menneisyys wrote:
BTW, my main iPad 3 is jailbroken and runs 6.1.2; that is,

Yeah, I'm thinking that perhaps I should see if I can wipe my iPad and get it back to 6.x.

Did some looking around and it looks like Apple has made it virtually impossible to downgrade from iOS7 to iOS6. That truly sucks.

Hopefully someone starts a class action suit against Apple because of these forced* and non-reverseable upgrades, which not only take away existing functionality (iPad 1/2's antialiasing, iPhone 4S' 60p video recording etc.), but even deliberately slow down the system to force owners to upgrade.

Apple are, BTW, really-really afraid of class action suits. I'm a regular poster over at the Apple discussion forum and have helped a LOT of users there (hence my high reputation points there: see ). This also means I'm auto-subscribed to threads I've posted in and receive all new messages immediately. ALL new posts are censored there: posts suggesting to start a "class suit" because of a problem are immediately censored and the given part removed; mostly in 2-3 minutes. I can even prove this by some original mails and links to the now-censored, online versions, should our resident Apple fanboy question this.

I wonder what Apple is so afraid of? Getting punished for their anti-customer moves?

Now, I hope Apple allocated as much human resources to actually innovating than to censoring their support forum...

*: while you aren't forced to upgrade by default (you can cancel both the OTA and the iTunes-initiated upgrade), your device will be upgraded if you need to restore because, say, a totally unbootable system, which isn't very rare. Also, it you take your device to a repair, you, in most cases, can't do anything to avoid it being upgraded by the service personnel. This is why I stated it's a forced upgrade.

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