GXR Lenses, lensors & Misc.

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Re: GXR Lenses, lensors & Misc.

Runnicle wrote:

Jim, first let me offer disclaimer that i have no direct experience with the DKL->Nikon, plus Nikon->M mount adapter combination that you're considering. However, in theory it should work, but ONLY if the combined length of the two adapters when assembled is equal to the combined length of the DKL->M45, plus M42->M mount adapter combination that we know works on the GXR.

Please let us know the outcome if you decided to go this route.


Runnicle:  I have since consulted my resident expert at Fotodiox (who I have been relying on with confidence for years) on the efficacy of my proposal to use the Fotodiox DKL->Nikon adapter in conjunction with my Nikon->M mount adapter for use of my proposed purchase of a DKL lens.  He says it will work, so I'm proceeding to make my various purchases.  I will report back after I've tried it.  Jim

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