Is A7R better for legacy manual focus lenses than A7?

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Re: Is A7R better for legacy manual focus lenses than A7?

Couple of things to consider:

1. The corners

APS-C only shows the center crop, so the lenses can be stellar from corner to corner on APS-C, but on FF, you will begin to see the original limitations of such lens designs, and corners, and at certain apertures/lens designs can be disappointing. Some lenses were only 'great' when stopped down originally as well.

2. The resolution

Only if you are comparing a 36Mp A7r with a 16Mp Nex-6 you can see similar (if not identical) amounts of detail when pixel peeping (at 100% zoom levels).

If you compare a 36Mp A7r with a 24Mp Nex-7, or a 24Mp A7 with a 16Mp Nex-6, you will see less details (per pixel area - as the pixel density is lower), suggesting that you have 'lost' something, even though the overall picture area has increases, and the image is now a lot larger.

This is because you ignore the crop-effect. If you compensate for this (use a different focal length), you will always see that the higher Mp sensor shows more detail.

3. Disclaimers

I would take all these posting with a grain of salt. There was a lot of hype that RF lenses wider than 35mm would be totally unusable, and this has somewhat softened, and that SLR lenses would be compromised on digital sensors, this has also been proven untrue.

I have both RF and SLR lenses, with the A7, and so far, I have not been disappointed - in context of items 1 and 2 above.

If dpreview ever got around to fixing the upload problems, I can post some images, right now I can only upload thumbnails....

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