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broody wrote:

PerL wrote:

But you are generalizing from your own needs. We will not see m43 at the sidelines on sports events, and I don't think we will see them with the news/PJ photographers. And not with the professional landscape or wildlife photographers either. Of course there might be exceptions, but not many.

This has much to do with photographer self-image and herd mentality... If you're not toting a 1DX or D4 with an F2.8 zoom you're simply not *serious*. Imagine the horror.

Anyone shooting, say, a 5dMkII could easily downsize to an EM1 and lose next to nothing.

I find it interesting that many people think they are smarter than the heard. And when they really get into it they find that the heard - often excellent professionals - aren't so stupid after all. Above all -they deliver great, often stunning results.

The 5DII is a rather slow camera, a little clunky IMO, but you get access to lenses like 24 1.4, 35 1.4, 50 1.2, 85 1.2 which have a very special and attractive rendering. So you lose that, which is hardly nothing for those that wants it.

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