Trying to Decide Between D610 and D800

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Re: D800E

painterdude wrote:

I have the D800E and I am more than pleased with it fact I may not need another cam for a very long time.

That said ..36 megapixels, from what I have been told, will not be fully resolved by any lens out there. I think 18mp is tops- if you want to spent $$$$$$$$$$$ maybe up to 21 or so ??.. It would seem the D610 with its update on the 600 issues and its 24 megapixels would be would about all anyone would ever need. The sensor  differences ..between the 610 and the 800 are small and the 610 is a slightly smaller lighter cam ..however not as well made..and  $$ cheaper.

Its a hard choice and you will not go wrong with either. The D800 has durability on its side..AND ..there may be IQ differences I do not know of ..but possibly someone who owns or has owned both could comment on that.

all the best


I believe the kit 24-85 lens can outresolve the D800 36MP sensor.  I've seen pics from Reilly where you keep zooming in and zooming in and all of a suden you see tiny square pixels and voila - you've outresolved the sensor (compared to zooming in, zooming in and getting to something blurry).

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