Quickest way to focus at infinity (or at set specific distance) on a Q7?

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Re: Quickest way to focus at infinity (or at set specific distance) on a Q7?

steve mallen wrote:

Hi all,

Quick question for people more familiar with the Q7 than I: what is the quickest way to manually set the focus to infinity (or any other distance)? On my X-E1 there is a focus scale that comes up in the LCD in manual focus mode, where I can just turn the focus ring until it hits the end (or wherever I wish to focus).

I can't seem to find anything equivalent on the Q7; that is, I can't find any way to know at what distance the lens is currently focussed at when using manual focus... this would also be useful, for example, when doing zone focussing. I know there's the focus peaking I could use, but perhaps there's something I haven't found yet that might help?

The 01 (and I think also the 02 and 06) do manual focus "by wire" - that means that turning the focus ring doesn't alter the focus distance mechanically, but tells the camera to adjust focus accordingly. So manually setting the focus to any distance without checking focus on the LCD isn't really possible with those lenses.

Additionally to using focus peaking you can dial in a zoom factor for MF - the moment you turn the focus ring in MF mode the picture will be zoomed to either 2 or 4 times of the normal size. This helps tremendously with precise focusing using the 01 wide open - because focus peaking without the MF zoom can be misleading sometimes in my experience. Focus peaking with MF zoom enabled is more secure.

The 03, 04 and 05 lenses have focus scales, so pre-focusing is easier here. But since the scales have no values, it takes some trial and error to find the right spots. Sadly MF zoom is not available for these lenses, because they don't do focus by wire.

Hope that helps a bit.


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