And now for the remaining K-3 blur dragon to slay...

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Re: And now for the remaining K-3 blur dragon to slay...

Pentax probably thought someone using the Green mode wouldn't really be pressing the camera.  Probably using it as a P&S.  It might be fine then (if a crying shame) if used like that.

This is a pretty advanced camera.  As I stated in another thread anybody using it would (should) go through what we are doing now (not using auto anything unless the algorithms are clearly understood).  On the other side of that is the lack of information Ricoh/Pentax puts in its manual.  But they aren't the only camera makers that this observation applies to.  That's why Thom Hogan and others can make a fine living making books (manuals the camera maker couldn't be bothered to produce) for cameras.

We probably need someone to do the same for Pentax.  Maybe I'll take that up sometime.

Anyway thanks Qwntm for your interest, expertise and help in sussing out the K3.

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