IR photography with an ILC, EOS-M

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IR photography with an ILC, EOS-M

I've been playing with a hoya R72 for a while now with an unconverted 7D. Yes, very long exposures but with the right conditions and after getting use to the extended time in post I feel I've got some decent results. I am however always envious of those with a dedicated body that aren't forced to have blurry leaves and clouds on a windy day. I've been thinking of getting a really cheap second hand DSLR for a while. Now my attention has turned to the EOS-M.

At first glance, the price of an ILC (and mount adapter for my 17-55) seems very cheap for decent results. It also seems converting to full spectrum would fit IR with my R72 quite well...

  1. A viewfinder is useless anyway with a front IR filter
  2. The alternative, a filter next to the sensor, would of course still only give visible light in the viewfinder
  3. The idea of seeing the result in live view (yes, perhaps issues with LCD/sunlight) is compelling
  4. Being live view, I wouldn't hit the autofocus/lens calibration issues that come with a converted DSLR
  5. Being full spectrum I could use other filters and experiment with astrophotography etc

One drawback is of course the autofocus speed of live view and, as I read, the EOS-M in particular (though this may not be as bad with firmware updated, I don't know). For the landscape and generally wide angle shots i'd be taking with IR I can't imagine this would be much of an issue. Then again I'll be coming from the 7D.

I'd love to know others' thoughts... is an ILC actually terrible? is the EOS-M and I should investigate other ILCs since either way I'd need an adapter? Should I stick with an older, second hand heavy DSLR for IR?

On a side note, if the camera didn't cost a fortune I'm tempted to give the conversion a go myself, being familiar with a soldering iron etc., especially if it was simply removing a filter and not installing a replacement.

Canon EOS M
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