X-E2 - another review and jpeg DR observations ...

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Re: X-E2 - another review and jpeg DR observations ...

Sal Baker wrote:

Hi, since you own the X-E2 and previously used an X-E1 why are you asking us to tell you IQ comparisons. Who cares what one poorly executed Internet test claimed. You could also quote the dozens of reputable reviews that say the X-E2 jpegs are the best in any camera. Again, who cares?

As I wrote "It's to early to have my own observarations ..." For sure, I will have it in near future, but now I wanted to share with you how others compare X-E2 to X-E1 and what conclusions they have .

You have the camera, read the manual, adjust the defaults, take some pictures and look at them.

OK, I will read the manual (I knew I've forgot something ;-).


BTW. The review as a whole is very positive to the XE-2



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