X-E2 - another review and jpeg DR observations ...

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Re: X-E2 - another review and jpeg DR observations ...

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In the latest X-E2 review - Tech Radar has shown poor results in jpeg dynamic range section.

The XE-2 results are the worst among competing camers, and what is the most courius (to me), much worse the X-E1?

The results are supported by words: "The relatively low dynamic range scores of the X-E2 reflect our findings in the real world, where highlights can be lost a little early [...]"

It's to early to have my own observarations so I have to rely on this graphs - especially because they look very profi

The results for the RAW are OK (ACR) but I have bought this camers for OOC JPEG, to simplify my workflow (life ;-)) and I was quite happy what my already-sold X-E1 produced.

Any suggetions ? Forget OOC JPEGs ? forget this review? Correct in-camera settings ?


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Well, you COULD start with the DPR review. It explains everything. It's simply the default contrast curve in JPEG. You can change both highlight and shadow range in the menu.

Measuring default anything is no indication of DR.

X-E2 DR in RAW is exactly the same as X-E1, and you can emulate X-E1 JPEGs by reading the manual.

Based on this review, I don't think Tech Radar is much use for anything.

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