Camera Bag or Belt solution? EPL5

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Re: Camera Bag or Belt solution? EPL5

Maybe I'm too much of a novice and I'm just blissfully unaware of the convenience or requirements for space with a small ILC, I really haven't had mine very long, or maybe I'm just very cheap... But the vast majority of suggestions in the thread look like total overkill for an E-PL5 and two tiny primes. I bought into M43 for the size, never owned a DSLR because I knew I'd never take it anywhere, so any bag that can actually fit any kind of DSLR (specially with a lens attached) is already grossly oversized if you ask me, specially if you're just toting some small primes and a rangefinder body. If we were talking about a G6 with a 45-200 and a bunch of other lenses it'd be different...
When I got my GF6 I tried to find something *made* for a camera but truly small, I found a couple waist packs or slings that were close to what I wanted but most were pretty overpriced. Eventually I went to two local surf shops and found two fanny packs I liked... Is there a more manly standard name for these things btw? You don't even wanna know what the slang term for them is in Spanish! In any case, I never wear either around my waist, just use them over my shoulder... One's an O'Neill and the other's Quicksilver, popular surfwear brands.

I think my GF6's about the size of an E-PL5, I can easily fit it into the larger of the two packs I got with the kit lens attached (main pocket: lens down, screen up) while having room besides it for the 45mm, one other similarly sized lens, and one pancake prime in some other pocket; and I still have a couple of extra pockets for a battery, Purell, a small multitool, cables (data/USB OTG for tablet/phone access), SD card, etc. I can even fit my sunglasses in there depending on how I arrange stuff (and whether it's a pair of flatter Ray Bans or my larger Oakleys).

The smaller pack I got has less extra pockets for knick knacks but I can easily still fit the camera plus kit lens, 45mm, and 20mm with room leftover for sunglasses or something... It's also a bit more pliable and conscious against my back, the other one's a bit thicker and more protective... I could just add some padding to either anyway (probably will to the smaller one). They were like $15-25, like I said, maybe I'm just ridiculously cheap. I can post pictures tomorrow if anyone's curious. I just don't see the sense in larger bags unless you're carrying some long tele lenses or at least something larger than the average M4/3 prime (a 12-35mm maybe, probably wouldn't fit super well in my packs).

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