Everything is quite ducky for these Canada geese.

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Re: Everything is quite ducky for these Canada geese.

Hollander wrote:

Thank you Brian. Here are some facts about the Canada Geese. Their range is from from East to West in Canada and the Northern part of the USA. When they migrate in the fall they go down as far as North Mexico. It's an impressive site to see hundreds of them flying in a distinct V formation. They have been spotted flying at a height of 9 km (29.000 feet)

Here in the Pacific North West where the winters are very mild a lot of them stay here all year long and are known as the local residents.


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To keep my brain active I'm looking forward to my next trip. So much to see yet and not enough time.

We've got them here down in New Zealand too. There are that many of them that they are only one step away from being classed as a pest species (classed as "not protected"). Just a bit of useless information to share..... cheers

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