MY Overall M43 Impression

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mraspex wrote:

GodSpeaks wrote:

You are welcome to your opinion, even if wrong.

The MFT cameras, especially the current generation, can easily go head to head with APS sensors when it comes to image quality. I own MFT, APS and FF sensored cameras, so I can state this from experience.

The area where MFT falls behind would mainly be pixel count. APS is now at 24MP and FF 36MP. Although 24MP is not a terribly significant increase, 36MP is. That said, I expect to see 20 and/or 24MP MFT next year.

In any event, up to you what you think or believe.

Could you be so kind to post some pictures or sources to support your argument Sir? If you really own all these formats, it should be rather easy and would be appreciated.

I don't believe that they can squeeze even more MP on this tiny MFT sensor. 16 is too much already because the noise levels are getting too high. This is simply physics. MFT pictures mostly look like point and shoot or smart phone pictures without any 3D effect to them because of the small sensor. This will even get worse with more MPs.

I'm curious as to what this 3D effect your talking about is. Also could you explain the "physics" behind it for us who aren't privy to such learnings.

Another problem of MFT clearly is that, while it is small, it just doesn't allow serious portrait photography. Creating a really shallow depth of field is not possible with small sensors and getting fast lenses is much more important if you want shallow depth of field. These are overpriced.

If you think shallow DoF is the beginning and end of serious portrait photography I weep for you. Most of the best fashion shots I've ever seen have used a pretty deep DOF.

So while I think MFT is nice for touristy pictures, if your looking for good quality pictures, look elsewhere.

You miss the point. With m4/3, you aren't given the choice. It's taken from you. You can spin it any way you want, but people like choice to choose the depth of field to suit the moment. With m4/3, no soup for you!

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