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Re: Sony A7R for wedding

Fred Briggs wrote:

The first point I would make is, if it is at all possible, visit the venue in advance to work out what the lighting situation is and therefore what settings you will need on the day. You also need to work out where you will need to be physically to get the shots you want. Take as many test shots as you can on the pre-visit, with someone standing in as the subjects if possible. I found this invaluable.

My initial reaction, as well = easier to determine what lenses you will need/want if you can scout the area and have stand-ins to help you estimate where you will need to be standing for desired photos.

December is a lousy month for getting things shipped to you, but do you have access to something like [which is USA-only] to allow short-term use of glass that you would otherwise never use again?

I took a bunch of photos & video at a friends reception - last year - using my then-new NEX-7 with 55-210 outdoors, and 50mm f/1.8 indoors.

50mm [75mm equivalent on my NEX-7] was only good for head & shoulders shots of couples or small groups of friends, and video in low-light...

The couple also had a professional photographer, so there wasn't any pressure on me... but the couple liked that I got some shots and video the pro didn't get - because one person can't be everywhere at a reception.

And, by staying out of the pro's way, it almost guaranteed I was able to get shots he didn't - since he was taking photos/video on the other side of the room.

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