MFT IQ gets "annihilated"

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Re: MFT IQ gets "annihilated"

Big Ga wrote:

Steve Bingham wrote:

I pretty much agree with Reilly - except the lens part!!!

The 18-55 is about as mediocre lens as Nikon makes - but respectable at f5.6.

Hmmm. So you also agree with:

"I'm just not impressed by mft at all for landscape"

It's a great camera with a great lens - the 12-40. Could it shoot great landscapes? Absolutely - and then some.

and his whole argument centred around using THAT lens, and compared to an EM1 with a 12-40!!

when I challenged him with

"And the 18-55 nikon v the 12-40 Oly pro lens ???? I know which one will annihilate the other in that fight, and the Nikon isn't going to come out the winner!!!"

I would not agree. My money would be on the 12-40. Period.

his reply was:

'Sure it is. For landscape, the only thing that matters is the pixel count, as you're always at f8 or smaller where any pretty much any lens is outresolving the sensor through most of the frame'

So Steve, are you sure you're pretty much agreeing with Reilly ??

Now why wouldn't a DX 24mp camera with no AA filter not be better than a MFT? Especially if they were both shooting with their best pro glass

It should indeed be better that's not the argument.

We're talking about using the 'mediocre' 18-55 v probably the best pro landscape lens MFT has; we're also talking about that lens on the best MFT camera being 'annihilated' by the 'mediocre' lens setup; we're talking about someone who's claiming "For landscape, the only thing that matters is the pixel count"; and to top it off, we're dealing with someone who's posted an image to back up his assertion, claiming its 'sooc' and yet it looks as if its been sharpened to within an inch of its life.

Lenses do matter!!!!!

Still sure you pretty much agree with him?

Not when put this way.

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