Yet Another "Which lens should I take" thread - Thailand

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Re: Yet Another "Which lens should I take" thread - Thailand

+1 for Tiger Kingdom (Chiang Mai) or Tigers in the Temple (just outside Bangkok) - You won't get much closers to Tigers at either place.

I take 2xGX-1's (or 1 GX-7 + 1xGX-1 now) and 12-35 and 7-14 on the GX-1. Maybe take the 45-150 as well. I would also take the 12-45PZ for the GX-1 to put in my pocket if I am not taking a small bag with me if I am just popping down the shops.

I love Thailand, the people, the country and the price of things there! In fact my second home is a flat next to the river in Bangkok.

Bangkok has so much to offer and apart from being the hottest city on the world and the city with the longest name in the world.

There are so many photo ops in Thailand.

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