MFT IQ gets "annihilated"

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Bob Tullis
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Re: Bad form

Big Ga wrote:

Bob Tullis wrote:

I happened to pass through that thread, yesterday I think, and while I did post a response I don't think any effort will change the mind of someone with that determined perspective. Faith is impossible to reason with.

Who says my purpose is to try and change his mind? I agree that's very unlikely to happen.

However reading his hyperbole about how MFT is effectively so inferior for landscape use as to not be worth considering, could give other people over on the very generic landscape forum totally the wrong opinion. And he does seem to be a VERY prolific poster, with over 7000 posts in only a few years. People might actually listen to him!

But then this brings up the doubly troubling issue, that someone with that level of 'seniority' does to all intents and purposes, seem to have been caught out 'doctoring' images to suit his purposes, yet claiming they are straight out of camera. Frankly, this is well out of order in my books, regardless of the camera or format being talked about. And remember ... over on 1022, its ME that's considered to be the Nikon fanboy !!!!!

All one can do is state their position and let others be the judge.  The more one engages. . . there's that adage about arguing with fools. . . and as one who has engaged to a fault (much to my own embarassment), take it from me.   (You surely must remember the Tedolf/Tullis War of 2010-2012)  

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