Mamyia DM33 80mm LS f/2.8 vs Nikon D800 Otus 55/1.4

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Re: Make sure to try/test/post process the monster before buying!

rockygag wrote:

I had a Mamiya with a P30+ and a suite of lenses, the 80mm was the worst among them. My copy of both the 35 and the 150 were very good. My 45 was pretty good as well. The 80mm Macro was razor sharp but manual focus.

With MFDB, you are no longer buying just resolution ( I did one class with and IQ80, simply AMAZING!) but at the 30 meg level, it's not resolution, but Tonality, and the way that the lenses deal with the transition from OOF areas to in focus areas. The extra stop in those Tiny Full Frame sensors was really never an issue as the difference between F8 and F5.6 in the studio is not that big.

If you are working with a reputable dealer, do a test shoot!!

The Mamiya is a beast, but the colors/tonality/lenses are exceptional when combined with a P1 back. Check out getdpi dot com for a good MF forum.


+1 !   It's not just about resolution.  As tempting as it is to throw a Leaf Aptus II-7 (33MP)  ($8600 new) back on a Mamiya RZ67 ProII kit (65,110,210apo), mount,$10k.....I'm leaning toward the new Zeiss Otus lenses.

Has Zeiss announced a roadmap for the Otus lenses?  55...85?...35?...24?

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