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Re: As for flash on m4/3

As far as more practice, I have plenty on other cameras that stunk at low-light so a flash was required.

The lag between the exposure flash and the final flash results in a lot of blinks and not so natural "in the moment" shots when people are on the verge of being startled or blinking. Also the built-in flashes are not quite powerful enough to bounce in many situations for a natural look, so they are only really effective for front-on shots which to me leave images looking flat. I'm sure there are situations where there is no choice, or it can work, I just tend to not bother.

Have you ever tried to take a flash picture of a cat with a Panasonic? Their response time is an exact match for the flash timing, so you can pretty much be assured eyes will be closed.

A good, powerful external flash certainly has its uses, I have one, but with higher sensitivity sensors there are less reasons to drag one around then ever in my opinion.

When is the last time you had to deal with red eye in natural lighting? I also like to be unobtrusive in a social situation, and flashes are distractingly annoying. I suck it up in the noise department so as I don't wind up with an unnatural look or bother anyone if I can help it. Most of the time, the noise results of low-light is not as distracting as the flash results for me.

My point is in order to take a decent non-studio picture with a flash, it shouldn't be a point source like a small built-in flash. It will require something to bounce it from, diffuse it, or have the right environment like a tall white ceiling or some handy materials for reflecting. Just not a common occurrence in my life.

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