MFT IQ gets "annihilated"

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Re: MFT IQ gets "annihilated"

Big Ga wrote:


Folks, there is a poster going under the name of 'Reilly Diefenbach' who claims that a D5300 armed with a (rather suspect) 18-55 kit lens "simply annihilates any mft for landscape" (and this is in a post using the EM1 with the 12-40/2.8 as an MFT option!)

The thread is over on the Landscape forum

He's doesn't believe there are any samples out there showing clean, detailed MFT landscapes. Anyone care to oblige him with a good full res sample?

Its a doubly hilarious thread to me, as he posted what he claimed was a 'sooc' image from the D5300, but something was plainly 'wrong' with it, and now it seems he's had to admit that he post processed it (if you look at the corners of the two 18-55 samples posted, you'll see why he's tried to grossly over sharpen them!!).

I'm sure we have some people here who can show him what a decent MFT landscape image can look like. Spare no mercy. Do your best PP (although if you've got an oly set up properly, you might not even need it). But he writes "I would expect anyone to massage a mft shot if they were trying to convince me that their mft landscape shot was of sufficient quality to blow my skirt up. So far, no one has has ventured to put one up. How about it, folks? You're persistent as could be with the verbiage, but near mute when it comes to the money part."

And if you see how much he's PPed his second D5300 shot (which he 'borrowed' from Cameralabs BTW), I'm sure you'll have a good laugh.

Have fun!


All opinion ...probably a bad post by him and a bad post by you. If the 5300 does annihilate it, who cares.

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