My review of Giottos MT9180 tripod and MH1001 ball head.

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Re: Anyone still here? [MT-9180 rubber parts breaking down...]

Prognathous wrote:

Bumping this ancient thread in case one of the original participants who also owns this tripod can comment on an issue I'm having...

The issue is that the rubber rings which wrap the knobs that release the legs broke down. Is this a known issue with Giottos tripods? Is it possible to buy better rubber rings for the MT-9180? Any other way to work around this? I just ordered road bike handlebar tape in hope that this would help make the knobs less annoying to use, but I'd prefer a better solution. Needless to say, Giottos didn't bother replying to my email the last time I tried contacting them.

Another issue is that the rubber ring that prevents the center column from hitting the tripod hard (if dropped) also broke. Anyone know where to buy a replacement?


Are you in the USA? If so Giottos is 800 735-4373. Just call them and they will send you whatever is available as this is a long discontinued model but they usually do have parts for them.

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