Trying to Decide Between D610 and D800

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Re: Trying to Decide Between D610 and D800

-How do you set Continious focus with tracking on the D610?

Continuous focus mode can be set with a button and a dial. If by tracking you mean "don't refocus if something briefly comes between the camera and subject" there is a menu item that specifies a focus delay. There is also a custom menu you can setup that makes it easy to get at the items you regularly change.

-On either cmaera, can you setup a set of custom settings and just "switch" to them?

On the D610 there are U1 and U2 user settings. And if you flip back to, say, m mode the camera remembers the settings before you switched to u1/u2. u1/u2 are on the m/a/s/p dial. The D800 does not have these, it has "custom setting banks" but I am not familiar with them.

-Does the D610 have the feature to fine tune the focus for each lens?


-How does the noise at high ISO compare between the two?

Here is a dpreview link to a tool that lets you compare iso performance of different cameras using their test photos.

-Is having only 3 frames for bracketing in the D610 really a limitation?

I was disappointed with only 3 but didn't stop me from getting the camera. When I bracket more than 3 I was already used to doing it manually, so... Of course, I sometimes get the feeling I may have move the camera ever so slightly when manually changing the ev

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