Yet Another "Which lens should I take" thread - Thailand

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markymark101 wrote:

Traveling to Thailand soon and trying to figure out the kit I want to take.  What I have:

Camera EM-5

Oly 9-18mm

Oly 12mm

Pany 25mm

Oly 45mm

Oly 75mm

Pany 45-200

What I"m thinking...

I'm definitely taking the 9-18mm.

I don't usually like to overlap, but I figure the 12mm would come in handy for low light in temples, etc.

Pany 25mm for people/ street - also low light.

The mid to long telephoto becomes a bit of a quandry.  I usually always take the 45-200 but that's on hiking trips where I might see wild animals in the distance.  It's a comparitively large lens, and  I doubt there will be much use for it in Thailand  I figure take the 45mm and/or the 75mm, instead.

If I don't worry about low light, I suppose I could take leave the 12mm at home, and just take the 9-18mm, 25mm, 45 and/or 75mm.


Take the 9-18 and 25. I usually just go out with my 14 2.5 and never felt like I missed a shot really (I have a condo in sukhumvit). ...or a ts-20 if I'm going to the beach.

Saying your going to Thailand is a bit broad ...where are you going? Bangkok, Samui, Phuket, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, beach, mountain, etc.

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