Ashamed to be micro four thirds?

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Re: Ashamed to be micro four thirds?

Since it looks like the vast majority (ok, minor exaggeration) are quite comfortable with using their cellphone to take pictures, it does not look like sensor size is major factor in making decisions regarding camera purchase. Marketing is not about attributes, but about benefits. Small sensor size has never been a benefit - but the resulting 'handholdability' and 'easy to carry along' and 'unobtrusiveness' are.

So, it has nothing to do with being ashamed, but rather with choosing the right terms for marketing the products.


Abrak wrote:

Looking through the list of best selling compact system (mirrorless) cameras, it was good to see that 5 out of 10 were M43. Still a closer look at the individual listings showed absolutely no mention of the fact that they were micro four thirds cameras. It talks about their 16MP sensor but no mention of its actual size.

Now if we take the 4 APS-C sensor sized cameras in the list - all 4 mentioned the APS-C sized sensor and of course the Sony A7 mentions 'full frame' in its title. It is almost as though the M43 cameras are ashamed of being M43.

I guess it isnt all that surprising. In the camera world where sensor size still seems to be king a smaller sensor perhaps isnt something to advertise. And in a bigger is better world 'micro' four thirds possibly wasnt the smartest name.

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