DF.....not for me (D4, D700 Fuji x100s user) Unscientific rant

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DF.....not for me (D4, D700 Fuji x100s user) Unscientific rant

I was in NYC this weekend and had a chance to try out the DF. I found one camera store with one in stock. Funny story, I was demoing the DF and there was a customer playing with the new Hasselblad Lunar wood grip titanium (Drooling) . We were shooting each other being silly. Turns out it was Mario Sorrenti, the famous fashion photographer. I had no idea it was him under that baseball cap on this rainy cold night until the guys behind the counter told me . He was talking to my girls, age 7 and 10 about photography too. You just never know in NYC..lol.

Anyways, I was really excited and prepared to buy the DF (well my husband was ) for my Christmas present.

Oh, Ive never really taken the time to play with a Hasselblad an boy did I love that olive wood grip with titanium body..WOW!! Ergonomics were perfect for me and Naturally it fit my hand like a glove, but at $7k that is not a possibility! See link http://www.willoughbys.com/Hasselblad-Titanium-1100183-VINTAGE-Lunar-Camera/dp/B00DQDN9KQ?traffic_src=froogle&utm_medium=organic&utm_source=froogle

I had my D4 and Fuji x100s with me and various lenses. The DF is definitely for that nostalgia obsessed customer who is taking his time and methodically shooting...slowly. I cant imagine using it on even a family vacation or with any rapidly changing conditions. I love to be able to feel my way around the camera and my aging eyes make it difficult to see the top dials

I do love the look of the DF, its definitely a cool retro fashion camera

I use my d4 for everything from portraits, sports, concerts in low light, family outings, etc. I like my D4 and the way it feels, but there are times I want a smaller size and my Fuji x100s is OK but not great, and it is painfully slow and frustrating  at times. The dials on my little Fuji are small but smooth to operate and less awkward than the DF.

The DF felt very awkward in my hands. The dial was sticking , the ISO was not easy to quickly change, nor anything else for that matter. Compared to the D700 when first came out , I think its fair to say its definitely a little  crippled, despite having the D4 sensor.  I *was* planning on selling  my D700 and getting the DF as a  replacement, however Ive since changed my mind. Im sure after the learning curve, the DF would feel more comfortable.

The AF seemed to lag a little even with my 24-70 2.8 on it. I know Im used to the speed of the D4, so its not fair to compare. I didnt think 39 pt would be an issue but sometimes I do need a wider spread. Again, it goes back to the slower, methodical guy using the DF, they will love it.

I put my 85 1.4D lens on the DF and for whatever reason got a EE message, so I could not really try it.

I put my 14-24mm on it for kicks and it was definitely front heavy and unbalanced.

Just my two cents - I'm pretty disappointed!

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